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Perfume Genius – Dark Parts

“Dark Parts”, one of my favorite songs off of Perfume Genius’ excellent album new Put Your Back N 2 It gets a music video.

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Spiritualized – So Long You Pretty Thing

The song “So Long You Pretty Thing” from rock band Spiritualized grows from a gospel song expressing doubt and a prayer to Jesus for help into a Beatles-esque sing along final anthem. There is honesty and optimism within Spiritualized’s music which is refreshing and good for the soul.

Listen to “So Long You Pretty Thing” here.

Also check out Spiritualized’s catchy single “Hey Jane” here.

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Beach House – Other People

Beach House is a dream pop duo consisting of singer Victoria Lengrand and guitarist and keyboardist Alex Scally. Their song “Other People” has become one of my favorites songs off their new album Bloom. Beach House capture the challenges and beauty of relationships wonderfully within their music, and “Other People” is a prime example of their craft.

Listen here.

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Jack White – Sixteen Saltines

Great new track from Jack White. This video is insane! My favorite parts are the flying kid and the cheerleader spitting blueberry milkshake in a dude’s face.

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The Walkmen – Heaven

This new beach rock song from The Walkmen appears to depict a man trying to encourage his wife to not give up on their relationship. He sings, “Don’t leave me. You’re my best friend, all my life you’ve always been”. Then he sings earnestly, “Remember, remember, all we fight for”. It’s a simple human song that calls lovers to face the darkness together and hopefully see the sun rise in the morning.

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Niki & The Dove – Tomorrow

Another heavenly pop song from Swedish pop band Niki & The Dove. Their new album “Instinct” is out May 14 on Sub Pop.

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Drake – Take Care

The title track from Drake’s most recent album Take Care is definitely one of my favorite songs of his. It’s a fine example of Drake’s talent of making emotional and human rap/hip hop songs.

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2:54 – You’re Early

These sisters from London know how to make some great moody rock music. This new song of theirs “You’re Early” is on repeat for me.