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Shabazz Palaces – Swerve… The reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding)

Some pretty sweet new experimental hip hop from Shabazz Palaces.


Favorite Songs Of 2011 So Far

Bon Iver – Calgary

Bon Iver’s whole new album is fantastic. It’s hard to pick a favorite song, I enjoy them all.

Beyonce – 1+1 

The soul of this song is so great. Beyonce’s voice is dynamite, and this is one of her best songs if not her best. It’s an epic, sexy ballad.

Destroyer – Blue Eyes

Some of my favorite lyrics of the year, “I sent a message, in a bottle to the press, it said ‘Don’t be ashamed or disgusted with yourselves, Don’t be ashamed or disgusted with yourselves”.

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

There is great angst in this song. Fleet Foxes have become a very great folk band.

Explosions In The Sky – Postcards From 1952

I wish Explosions In The Sky’s music could play in the background of so many moments in my life. At least it can within my memories and thoughts.

Typhoon – The Honest Truth

Great song from Portland, OR band Typhoon. Love the lyrics, “Be kind to all of your neighbors, because they’re just like you and you’re nothing special unless they are too”.

F—D Up – The Other Shoe

Damn this song rocks! As Pink Eye screams and Jennifer Castle sings the chorus, “We’re dying on the side!”,  it makes me love this hardcore pop song.

TV On The Radio – Second Song

The first song (or second song) I truly loved this year. When the beat picks up it’s such a golden moment.

Okkervil River – We Need A Myth

The utter beauty of this song floored me and still does floor me. The yearning to believe and hope in something is expressed poetically in this song.

The Mountain Goats – Never Quite Free

A beautiful song about hope and peace.

Washed Out – Before

My summer chill song.

Radiohead – Give Up The Ghost

One of Radiohead’s most beautiful songs.

Raphael Saadiq – Over You

This guy is bringing back soul music and it’s very enjoyable.

Lykke Li – Love Out Of Lust

Lykke Li crafts some very unique, beautiful pop songs.

Wye Oak – Civilian 

One of the most beautiful, haunting songs I’ve heard this year.

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – The Body 

Sugary, sugary pop…

The Strokes – Machu Picchu

Great rock song with island vibes.

The Joy Formidable – The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie

“Love is the everchanging spectrum of a lie, a lie to hide behind when nothing’s right… Can’t you see I’m good?” It’s a sad song that gets me each time I listen to it.

The Antlers – Corsicana 

I love Peter Silberman’s vocals.

Big Krit – R4 Theme Song

Can’t forget hip hop! Doesn’t Justin Scott (aka Big Krit) look like a fun person to hang out with? His rhymes and style are slick!

Hooray For Earth – Bring Us Closer Together 

If you want a pop song to sing along to check this out.

Grails – Future Primitive

Let this post rock band take you on an adventure.

SBTRKT – Hold On

An emerging talent from the UK. If you like dubstep or James Blake this is worth a listen.

PJ Harvey – The Last Living Rose

PJ Harvey has created one of the best albums about war ever. This a great song from the album Let England Shake.

Note: Songs are in no particular order, enjoyed them all!

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Mr. Little Jeans – Rescue You, Single Ladies, The Suburbs


3 songs from this promising new artist Mr. Little Jeans.

Rescue YouSingle LadiesThe Suburbs

John Maus – Hey Moon

Really enjoying this new track from John Maus. I like the female and male vocals together, and the synthesizer makes some simple, beautiful music that carries the listener along as if they’re in a dream.

Niki & The Dove – The Fox

Niki & The Dove create some unique gothic pop music. For fans of: Florence & The Machine, and The Cure.

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Ford & Lopatin – Emergency Room

Cool new dance/ electronic track.

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Hooray For Earth – Bring Us Closer Together

This song has a great 80’s pop feel to it and the chorus is sweeet! Definitely will be on my summer playlist.

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Vetiver – Wonder Why

If you’re looking for some nice folk pop music to listen to, check out Vetiver’s new song “Wonder Why”.

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