Monthly Archives: September 2010

Deerhunter – Desire Lines

Another great track from Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest.


How To Dress Well – You Won’t Need Me Where I’m Goin’

How To Dress Well has some amazing home recordings on their new album Love Remains. The music has rhythm and beat and freak folk to it, similar to Bon Iver’s music.

Kisses – Bermuda

Great new act. Kisses have a chill sound that nods to 80’s music.

Y La Bamba – My Love Is A Forest Fire

Y La Bamba is a rising band from Portland OR. Their Mexican influence makes for a very unique, beautiful sound. Fans of Joanna Newsom will find much to love here.

Freelance Whales – Generator 2nd Floor

This band makes some sweet pop music.

Cotton Jones – Somehow To Keep It Going

For fans of My Morning Jacket and Alt-Country.

Deerhunter – Helicopter

This converted me into a fan.

Kings Of Leon – Radioactive

Lead single for the upcoming Kings Of Leon album Come Around Sundown. Out 10/19/10. This is exciting.

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